At the moment, what I like about this print is the total absence of snow. Perhaps even more is that it reminds me of a sunny afternoon sitting on a huge rock with a friend drawing rocks and trees and water and rocks and trees and water, but mostly enjoying the sun.



Cedars and rocks and cedars and…

As you move away from the mainland to the edge of eastern Georgian Bay the pines give way to cedars and vast expanses of rock ground smooth by glaciers. I spent a few days canoeing, enjoying the sun, doing ink washes of cedars and trying not to scratch multiple spider bites.
Cedars-1-sm Cedars-bigRock-sm

Cabin fever

GeoBay-OuterIslands_Night-smAs one of my friends wrote of me, I “don’t do winter too well.” I’m ready to move on into warm weather.

This is the time of year when I pull out the maps and the sketches and gaze longingly, my imagination drifting through islands that are still covered in snow and ice.

May 18th seems a loooong way off.