This was my entry into the Tarot Lovers show, a (somewhat cynical :- ) three colour engraving.



If you’re in da ‘hood, make sure you visit this great exhibition to see how over fifty artists of ¬†all media ¬†treat the common theme of the tarot card ‘The Lovers.’

The show runs until May 27th.


One of the greatest places to be in a really heavy down pour is inside a (dry) tent! The sound of the rain on the tent is wonderful and helps to heighten the overall feeling of ‘snugness.’ A good book and one’s closest friend complete the picture :- )


A short break from engraving the six plates for my next print. I engraved this from a decades old sketch of a cat who had moved in, claimed the couch as his own and earned his keep catching mice. He gave me a mouse once, the only mouse I’ve ever received as a gift.



My dad raised beef cattle but he also had sheep. I never warmed up to the sheep who, I felt, were some of earth’s dumbest animals. That being said, this silly engraving of a sheep is sooooo popular that I almost (almost!) feel bad about thinking that way.