FALL OUTING! October 15 & 16

Enjoy a trip around Guelph with a choice of 50 Artists’ Studios to visit.

Be sure to visit Raven Press/Clive Lewis at 5436 Cty Rd 39 (That’s what Silvercreek Pkwy is named when it runs north of Woodlawn Rd..)

Grain Henge


Pandemic prints

Early on in the year I did a B&W, 4.5 x 5, covid inspired print titled ‘Passing Storm’. As we know the ‘storm’ has been what the weather folks would call a ‘very slow moving disturbance.’

When effective vaccines were announced I did a more hopeful, 5.5 x 8 print I’ve titled ‘2012, the view from here.’

Hopefully a bright, cheerful addition will be warranted very soon :- )

Dark Shore

Stretching up the east side of Georgian Bay is an archipelago called the ‘30,000 Islands’. I haven’t counted them but viewed from an airplane it seems there could be that many.

However, if you’re still out in a canoe after dusk the 30,000 become one large, never ending island and good luck finding the island you camped on. That meal you’re longing for is there just waiting to be cooked and eaten :- )