When Cows dream….

CowDreamsFor some reason that escapes me I had a big sheet of a very nice pink print paper but it was getting wrinkled. With a process called ‘chine colle’ I cut it up and glued it to sturdier paper then engraved and printed a Bullarina on it.

It’s titled “When cows dream…an evening at the Bullshoi” and was a hit with two young friends.


Cabin fever

GeoBay-OuterIslands_Night-smAs one of my friends wrote of me, I “don’t do winter too well.” I’m ready to move on into warm weather.

This is the time of year when I pull out the maps and the sketches and gaze longingly, my imagination drifting through islands that are still covered in snow and ice.

May 18th seems a loooong way off.


LagoonWe canoed as fast as we could across this lagoon one night. The moon was full and we thought we knew where all the rocks were. The one we smacked into was just below the surface and stopped us instantly. Thank goodness for duct tape.

7×9 1mage with 4 shades of gray.