Through the Blue Shute

Last summer a friend and I canoed the 250 km from Lake Nippising down the French to Georgian Bay then south to Pointe au Baril. This is my memory of a set of rapids on The French that we shot through all too quickly.

The pic is a mono print, essentially a painting done with a printing press



In Hiding

NaiscootShoreLine-smThis could be the shoreline of a lot of lakes or rivers but was done on the Middle Naiscoot, a river flowing into Georgian Bay.. The river is being choked up with silt and plants because of both falling water levels and sluggish water flow caused by the beaver dams that plug both ends. The beavers’ handiwork is supported by the duck hunters because still waters allow wild rice to grow which attracts ducks which aforementioned duck  hunters then shoot.

The print is a 16″x6″, single colour engraving printed on Stonehenge paper.