Summer storm

This is one of the only engravings I’ve done from a photo; it shows my brother watching the rain when we were supposed to be bringing in hay. I was working on it 19 years ago today then I took my daughter trick or treating, got sick and stayed off work for a week. I remember all of this becauseĀ  1: I thought I’d use that stay at home time to finish the engraving and screwed it up so badly I started over and 2: I quit smoking.

It’s a good thing I dated it, I’d forgotten how long it’d been:-)


For Tracy…. a fundraising online and live auction

If you’ve been in Guelph very long you’ll know Tracy McEwen and/or her work.
She is about to undergo brain surgery and the Artistic community is
rallying to help her hold on to her house/studio until she’s able to
produce pottery again.
My contribution to the Silent Auction was a print I created a year or so ago with survivors of all types in mind. I wanted to present the bleakness of their recent past coupled with the potential that the future held. It seemed a fitting contribution to Tracy’s Fundraiser.