The show’s up & ready for the hordes of gallery goers.

A somewhat scruffy but less stressed printmaker after the show was hung.

Time is running out!!!

Recent Engravings by yours truly, a colourful, thought provoking departure from my usual barns and trees and barns and trees and barns…
These are much more abstract, more ‘graphic’, more insightful than most of my work over the past couple of decades.

You are welcome to attend. In fact, I’d be quite happy to see you there!!!!

The Show runs from October 29 thru November 26th

The Whitestone Gallery, 80 Norfolk Street, Guelph ON


The print in the background of my Show poster. This one was meant to show the frustration of reaching an impasse, of not being able to move forward or backward or sideways. Been there, felt that. It was also the beginning of utilizing the press’s ability to lay down large solid layers of colour, something that has always impressed me about this type of printing.