SafeHaven-smGeorgian Bay gets rough in a hurry and finding a flat camping spot out of the wind on an island like this is great.

A huge thunderstorm with torrential rain is quite enjoyable from inside a tent. Bring a good book.

3/c, 8×13 engraving.


2 thoughts on “SafeHaven

  1. This is honestly so gorgeous and accurate. I remember canoeing through the Bay in the eye of a storm. I don’t think I’ve ever paddled so hard in my life! Even still on land we had to eat a cold lunch under the canoe. Anyway. This wonderful piece of art here has reminded me of that. So thank you! It’s beautiful :)

  2. Thanks! Nothing like a storm to help your paddling, is there? :-)
    We did much the same this summer; it took hours to get across a bay because there was no land close when the wind picked up. I slept like a baby that night.

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