….and the winner is:

Great to have my print ‘Snug’ picked for the juried show ‘Insights‘ and great to have it chosen for the ‘Richard Pilon Works on Paper’ award. If you’re near the Wellington County Museum be sure to visit the show.


INSIGHTS- Juried Exhibition

Always a great show! Tough competition, 61 Pieces selected from 288 very good entries, my engraving, ‘SNUG’, being one of the chosen.

The opening is this Wednesday, June 13 from 7:00 til 9:00.


One of the greatest places to be in a really heavy down pour is inside a (dry) tent! The sound of the rain on the tent is wonderful and helps to heighten the overall feeling of ‘snugness.’ A good book and one’s closest friend complete the picture :- )


A short break from engraving the six plates for my next print. I engraved this from a decades old sketch of a cat who had moved in, claimed the couch as his own and earned his keep catching mice. He gave me a mouse once, the only mouse I’ve ever received as a gift.



My dad raised beef cattle but he also had sheep. I never warmed up to the sheep who, I felt, were some of earth’s dumbest animals. That being said, this silly engraving of a sheep is sooooo popular that I almost (almost!) feel bad about thinking that way.