Foggy Island

I canoed out into a foggy waterway some years ago and have made a couple of attempts at making a print of the experience. The best I seem to do is to show one frame of what should be a movie. It looks foggy but nothing is emerging out of, nor disappearing into, the mist.


The Walls we build

‘The Walls we build’ was an observation; it seemed so clear when I saw it in someone else. After it was all done I started to realize that that my walls were just as high but, apparently, harder to see from this side.


The latest, a 4 colour, 15×21 engraving that had been floating around in my head and doodled on unguarded bits of paper for a long while. It reminded me of a landscape. Sid, a printer friend, was kind enough to give me some cans of ink when he closed shop. Hence ‘Sidscape.’


It’s now hanging…or hovering… at The Whitestone Gallery in Guelph.