The ubiquitous Georgian Bay cedar. This is a three colour engraving that attempts to juxtapose the permanence of the rocks with the impermanence of the life around them. Cedars-sm


5 thoughts on “Cedars

    • That is the three colour version; there’s a light grey, a dark grey and a black. I think I did the sketch in the early morning while waiting for the coffee to kick in:-)

  1. Hi Clive, This Is Sonia Addie. Idon’t know if you remember me. I was an artist at the Whitestone Gallery. I love your work. Lately I have been doing some printmaking at home. If this pandemic ever ends would you consider ever giving lessons in engraving?

    • Sure, I remember you Sonia and it’s nice to hear from you!!! Not sure how long your email has been sitting here, I don’t check this page very much.
      How have you been?

    • Hi Sonia, I just opened this on a different computer and can see all of your text AND the date. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier.
      For sure I can give you engraving lessons, I’d be happy to.
      The worst of the pandemic seems over. We could probably do it soon if you’ve been vaccinated, I’ve had both shots and feel much safer around people who also have.
      E-me at l.clivelewis@gmail.com and we can set something up.

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